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Celebrity makeup artist Joyce Bonelli spills on spring beauty trends and her new skincare line

Celebrity makeup artist Joyce Bonelli spills on spring beauty trends and her new skincare line

Celebrity makeup guru Joyce Bonelli tells ET her skincare secrets and how looking to TV and movies can help with spring glam inspo.

Celebrity makeup artist Joyce Bonelli has created edgy and iconic looks for A-listers including Jennifer Lopez, Emily Ratajkowski, Cara Delevingne, Emma Roberts, Kim Kardashian and more.

Bonelli is known for her distinctive style and technique, and now she’s sharing her ultimate beauty secrets with ET while celebrating the launch. Joyce Bonelli CosmeticsA luxury, cruelty-free and affordable skincare collection.

“I created Joyce Bonelli Cosmetics to provide a suite of products to prepare skin for a flawless solid base. Packed with ingredients to improve skin texture and prevent aging, the line aims to make makeup The canvas has to be perfected before moving on,” the beauty guru tells ET.

Bonelli’s collection features a brightening mask to help achieve a contoured look, a makeup setting spray with SPF 15 to reduce shine and provide a matte finish, and two serums, one to reduce redness and soothe skin. One to improve the texture, and another for an instant blurring effect.

Joyce Bonelli Cosmetics
Kim Kardashian / Instagram

“It is very important to maintain a skincare routine that works for you and prepare your skin well before applying makeup, so that your makeup lasts longer. If your base is not moisturized or properly hydrated, So it’s more likely that your makeup will fall apart, as the skin will dry out much faster,” explains Bonelli.

“I have clients who have acne-prone skin, which is why formulations are made for all skin types, focusing on hydration using hyaluronic acid.”

Another makeup pro advises, “Great skin also means using products that can help slow or delay the aging process of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. Whatever your skin texture, The makeup will be perfect for the look and the products will be very easy to apply.”

Once you’ve nailed your skin-care regimen, Bonelli says creating the ideal glam look depends on personal preference.

“Do whatever you feel most confident and comfortable in. It’s easy to get to grips with trends and the latest It-girl looks, but not if it doesn’t work with your skin type or even doesn’t express who you are, so it’s not worth it,” she notes.

Joyce Bonelli
Courtesy of Joyce Bonelli Cosmetics

If you’re into experimenting, Bonelli suggests adding a pop of color for spring 2022 and looking to television and movies for additional inspiration.

“I’m excited for pigmented eyeshadow. It’s always fun to express yourself through makeup and I think this trend works great on that if that’s your kind of thing. … I really like having a lot of fun doing and love requested enthusiasm Looks too,” she shares.

“I’ve also noticed that a lot of my clients are loving the old Hollywood and soft glam looks. … I’m really excited to be doing more of those classic looks,” the makeup expert continues.

For a more effortless approach, Bonelli says clear, dewy skin with a special touch can do the trick.

“For everyday looks, I love a really pretty monochromatic look with flawless skin and contour. From there, I like an eyebrow that’s a bit brushed and defined but not too perfect. … my favorite night makeup Have monochromatic skin and lips with chocolate smokey eyes using Velvet Matte Lipstick to kiss of course.”

One trend you won’t see her getting behind any time soon: “I’m nervous about a potential new generation thinning their eyebrows, like Pamela Anderson, like I did in junior high!” She jokes.

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