Sushmita Sen shares an animated avatar of Arya a warrior

Sushmita Sen shares an animated avatar of Arya, the video shows her fighting enemies like a warrior

Sushmita Sen has shared an animated clip of her superhit web series ‘Arya’. In it, the story of the web series is shown in an interesting way by re-imagining it in animation. The video shows Arya facing every difficulty like a warrior.

Sharad Kelkar’s voice is in the background of the video. In the series, Sushmita Sen has played the role of a woman named Arya. In which she becomes a shield after the death of her husband (Chandrachud Singh) and is ready to go to any extent to save her family.

Is a remake of the Dutch series

Ram Madhavani is the director and writer of the Arya series. It is a remake of the Dutch series “Penoza”. The director is now working on a second season after Arya’s first super success.

Worked in Bollywood 10 years ago

Sushmita Sen last appeared in the film ‘Nirbak’ released in 2015. The film was in Bengali. She appeared in a Bollywood film 10 years ago. He starred in the 2010 film No Problem.

Took a break from movies for daughters

Sushmita Sen took a break from films after adopting her youngest daughter Alyssa. “I want to give time to the care of my daughters and at the same time don’t want to pay for the memorable case of their childhood,” he said in an interview. Sushmita has already adopted a daughter named Rene before Alyssa.

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