Sushant wanted to propose to Sara Ali Khan!!

Raees has been working as a caretaker in Sushant’s farmhouse since September 2018.
Sushant wanted to propose to Sara on his birthday on January 21, 2019
Sushant was supposed to come to the farmhouse in March 2020 for two-three months, but could not come

As for Sushant Singh Rajput’s caretaker Raees, Sushant was to propose to Sara Ali Khan. Sushant acted in Sara’s debut film ‘Kedarnath’. When the film, directed by Abhishek Kapoor, was released, there was talk that the two were dating. In a recent conversation with a news agency, Raees said that he had no idea whether Sushant was going to propose marriage to Sara. However, Sara used to come and go in the actor’s farmhouse.

Sushant-Sara used to stay for 3-4 days whenever he came to the farmhouse

Raees was a caretaker at a farmhouse in Lonavla from September 2018 until Sushant’s death. In a conversation with IANS, Raees said that since 2018, Sara used to visit Sushant’s farmhouse regularly.

Sara started coming to the farmhouse in 2018 with Sushantsar. They would stay for three or four days whenever they came. After returning from Thailand in December 2018, Sushantsar and Saramem came directly to the farmhouse from the airport. It was 10-11 pm at the time. He also had his friends with him.

She called a good worker an aunt and a nobleman

Raees further said Sara Mem’s behavior was very good. She never behaved like an actress. It was very easy. Like Sushantsar, she used to call Ben, who worked in a farmhouse, an aunt, and called him Raisbhai. She had a lot of respect for Sushantsar’s staff.

Daman could not go because of the Prime Minister’s visit

“I remember Abbasbhai (Sushant’s friend) asked me to pack a bag to go to Daman on Sushant Sar’s birthday,” Rais said. This responsibility has always been mine. I took care of Sushant Sar’s belongings, which included binoculars, a music system, and a guitar.

Whenever Sushant Sir went out, he would take all these things with him. We were carrying this stuff in a mini tempo. There was a Prime Minister’s program in Daman around February and this is why all the hotels there were booked and we didn’t get any rooms. This is why we could not go to Daman.

Sushant wanted to propose to Sir Sara on his birthday

Raees further said that Sushant Daman wanted to propose to Sasa Mem during the trip and asked for a gift. They wanted to order something.

However, the trip did not take place. A trip to Kerala was then planned but was also canceled. Then in February-March, 2019 I heard that they had a breakup. Sara Mem never came to the farmhouse after January 2019.

When Raees was asked if Sushant was going to propose to Sara for marriage? So he replied, I am not sure whether this proposal was for marriage or not, because two friends of Sushantsar were discussing that he is going to propose to Sara by giving a gift. I have no idea what this was a proposal for.

Sushant was to come to the farmhouse for 2-3 months this year

According to Raees, Sushant was supposed to come to his farmhouse for two-three months before the lockdown in March 2020, but he could not come.

They were preparing to do organic farming at the farmhouse, Reiss said. I was sent a list by Samuel Miranda and Deepesh Sawant and it was written about Sushantasar will stay at the farmhouse and the necessary agricultural equipment.

The rent of the farmhouse was also sent from Mumbai. However, the plan was later canceled. I don’t remember the exit date but Sushant Sir was to come to the farmhouse from Mumbai on March 15 or 17 at 6 am. Then suddenly the plan was canceled and it could not come.