Sonu Sood sent smartphones to rural children to help students learn

Actor Sonu Sood has been helping people in need day and night in the Corona epidemic. The actor and his team are constantly working to get the workers home. At the same time, Sonu Sood has always come forward to help other needy people. The actor has sent smartphones to children in a village in Morni, Haryana, so that their learning can continue through online classes.

Sonu Sood tweeted that the day got off to a beautiful start with these kids taking online classes on their smartphones. “Padhega India tabhi to badhega India”.

Smartphones were delivered to senior secondary school children in Koti village of Morni on Wednesday through Karan Gilhotra, a friend of Sonu Sood. The phones were handed over to the school principal and the children also spoke to Sonu Sood on a video call. These kids previously had to travel long distances to access a smartphone for an online class. Their parents can’t afford smartphones because they are poor and the children have been traveling so much for months.

On August 24, Sonu Sood came to know about the plight of these children and tweeted that these children no longer have to travel. They will get their smartphones tomorrow.

This is not the first time that Sonu Sood has reached out for the education of disadvantaged children. Earlier he helped a family from Himachal Pradesh who sold their cows as their only source of income, to buy a smartphone for their child’s online class. Ever since the lockdown began, the app has been helping Sonu Sood workers to deliver jobs to their homes, even by starting classes according to their art.

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