Salman Khan will get Rs 20 crore for one episode of ‘Bigg Boss 14’

Salman Khan is once again set to host Bigg Boss 14 in his hackneyed estimate. Salman Khan got angry when the contestants were arguing last season. Then there was the news that he would not be hosting this season.

However, after the promo and announcement, it has become clear that Salman Khan will be hosting the show and he has taken double the fee for it than the previous season.

Salman Khan will shoot two episodes in a week

The channel has released a promo for Bigg Boss 14 starring Salman Khan. According to Khabar Page, Salman Khan is taking Rs 450 crore for this season. It was written on the page’s Twitter page that Bigg Boss 14, Salman Khan will take Rs 20 crore for each episode of this season.

The entire three-month deal is worth Rs 450 crore. Host Salman will shoot one day every week this year. The actor will shoot two episodes simultaneously in a one-day shoot. Accordingly, the actor is taking Rs 40 crore every day. At the same time, Salman has become the most expensive host in television history.

In Bigg Boss 13, Salman Khan is often seen hitting the contestants and solving their problems. Last season broke many records, including TRP. Last season, Salman got Rs 200 crore.

According to the deal of each season, the actor has to be a part of some selected award shows that the actors have been doing. But this year all the award functions have been postponed or even canceled. It will be very beneficial to host the actor this year.

Repair work is in progress in Goregaon

Sources further said that the set of Bigg Boss 14 is getting ready in Filmcity. There is still a lot of repair work to be done on the set but there is some hindrance due to continuous rain. Only after the rain stops can the whole set be ready. The show had a grand premiere on September 27 but was postponed to October 4 because the set was not ready.

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