Katrina Kaif speaks for the first time on her breakup with Ranbir

Every day in Bollywood, if a new couple is formed, one’s love life is broken. Such a new phenomenon is being discussed on social media. Currently, there is talk of a love affair between Katrina and Ranbir Kapoor, in which Katrina has said something shocking. Katrina Kaif told how her heart was broken and then again she was living a normal life.

News of Katrina’s love affair with Salman Khan for the first time and Ranbir Kapoor for the second time came. The big thing is that Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor have been separated for two years. Yet neither of them talked about the breakup. Katrina Kaif then shared her heartfelt words in an interview. The actress said, “It is difficult to say why this really happened. But I have a very different opinion about it. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.


Speaking further, Katrina said, “Breakup is the worst thing in the world, my life was almost over, it’s not possible to believe it even for just two minutes. But if you trust God everything will feel good and will feel good. “You know, everyone struggles,” Katrina told the girls. But the most important thing is to learn. We are all working between our fears and insecurities and trying to achieve something.

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