Jacqueline Fernandez fighting with anxiety and trying to get out through yoga

Jacqueline Fernandez has revealed on social media that she has been battling anxiety for the last few days. She is resorting to yoga to get out of it and it has benefited her a lot. Jacqueline has shared this with her fans in her caption by sharing a video of yoga.

She also writes, “I have been dealing with some major anxiety these past few weeks.. however being consistent with yoga has taught me the valuable lesson of being in the moment and what’s even more important.. gratitude.. for life and being alive.. have a great day everyone! Namaste ??”

Earlier in an interview Jacqueline talked about the bad times of her life. “I have always been considered cheerful, but a few years ago I also went through a lot of ups and downs,” he said. It often happened that I cried a lot. Often there was no desire to get out of bed. There seemed to be strange loneliness. Only when you are struggling with depression can you understand how it feels. You can’t prepare for this.

Freedom from depression due to work

“The ambition and love for work helped me get out of that time,” Jacqueline said. To be honest I thought I was passionate about work and I have a lot to achieve in life. One day I said to myself, this is all very unproductive and I have to get out of this and I got out of depression.

Jacqueline appeared in Tere Bina’s song

Jacqueline also kept herself busy in the lockdown. It appeared in Salman’s music video Tere Bina. She had previously appeared in Netflix’s film, Mrs. Serial Killer.

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