Fans donate computers at school on Ranveer Singh’s birthday

Today is Ranveer Singh’s 35th birthday i.e. July 6. On this special day a fan club of fans of the actor has donated a computer to a school to help needy children in their studies. The club has been active since 2015. The members of this club volunteer in the name of their favorite star. They do something every year on Ranveer’s birthday. He has recently started a program called ‘Ranveer Gram Program’. He distributed computers in Sikandari village near Indore in Madhya Pradesh.

Atharva Khendekar said, “Ranveer’s fan club helps children and people in need. This time we will try to help rural children. These children are not able to afford high class education. For many, basic education is just a dream. As members of the club, we plan to provide these kids with a computer system and some indoor games. ‘

Atharva further said, “These computers have been given to a school which conducts studies up to standard five. The school is located in Sikandari village in Indore district of Madhya Pradesh. The total budget of this project is thirty thousand rupees. Of this, Rs 15,000 will be spent on two basic computers, Rs 10,000 on school painting and Rs 5,000 on indoor games for children.

Helps people in need every year
Last year, the fan club provided electricity to a small village called Akoli. There were five solar streetlights and house lights in every house. The people of this village have been using kerosene lamps for years.

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