Bombay High Court bans demolition of BMC in Kangana’s office

Kangna Ranaut is coming to Mumbai today. The dispute is going on between Shiv Sena and Kangana Ranaut. Kangana showed Mumbai POK. After which a war of words is going on between Shiv Sena and Kangana. In retaliation for Kangana’s attack, the Shiv Sena targeted her Mumbai office. The illegal construction of Kangana’s office has been demolished by BMC. With this, Kangana called the BMC team Babur’s army.

Kangana had filed an application in the High Court alleging vandalism at the office. Following which a hearing was held in the High Court. The High Court has currently stayed the proceedings of the BMC. The BMC has ordered a ban on vandalism. Kangna Ranaut’s lawyer had applied. An important order has been made in the hearing of which. The petition will be heard again tomorrow at 3 p.m. Kangana’s office was vandalized by the BMC and the High Court has sought an answer from the BMC.

“There is no illegal construction in my house,” said Kangana Ranaut. The government has also banned the demolition of any construction until September 30 because of the corona. Bollywood can now see what fascism is.

Kangana filed an application in the Bombay High Court

Kangana had filed an application in the Mumbai High Court against the BMC’s action. Rizwan Siddiqui filed the petition on behalf of Kangana. Which was heard by Justice S Kathawala?