BMC team raided Kangana’s office

Actress Kangana Ranaut and Maharashtra Vikas Aghadi government leaders are at loggerheads over Mumbai. On Monday, Kangana’s Mumbai office was raided by some BMC officials. Kangana herself has informed the people by sharing this video.

Kangana said he was taking revenge. Prior to this, he has been fighting with the leaders of Maharashtra. On Monday, senior Congress leader and minister Vijay Vadettivar called him a “parrot of the Bharatiya Janata Party” and said the people would teach him a lesson when he came to Mumbai.

Minister Vijay Vadettiwar said, “He speaks the language of the BJP. The woman who questioned the efficiency of the Mumbai police, who compared Mumbai to the PoK, said the BJP was protecting her, this is bad. It remains to be seen what the Maharashtra BJP will say about this. ‘

‘My dream seems to be shattered’

Kangana tweeted that this is the office of Manikarnika Films in Mumbai, which I have built after fifteen years of hard work, the only dream of my life was to have my own office whenever I became a film producer, but now it seems time to break this dream. Has come. Today suddenly some people from BMC have come there.

‘Office can break’

Kangana tweeted three times in a row about the matter, writing that BMC men forced their way into the office. He also put the neighbors in trouble and said that everyone will have to suffer the consequences because of the feat of the madam she is. Kangana suspects that those people could break into the office.

‘Who was giving drugs to Kangana should be investigated’

Maharashtra Congress spokesperson Sachin Sawant did not like the fact that Kangana was given Y-level security and said, “The Modi government cares a lot about those who speak against other parties, so I am not surprised that Kangana is given Y-level security.”

So far Kangna has been saying that she wanted to give information about the drug racket, but now she should give all this information to the NCB. She said in the video that she had been taking drugs before. So it should be investigated who was giving drugs to Kangana. ‘

Shiv Sena MLA Pratap Sarnaik said, “Today I have demanded from the Maharashtra Assembly Speaker that action should be taken against those who compare Mumbai and Maharashtra with PoK.” It should be investigated in the next 24 hours. He said that the central government loves Maharashtra very much.

The Women’s Commission also does not see the rapes taking place in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar. It is learned today that Kangana has been given Y level security. Even today, he may not trust the Mumbai police. Our police are constantly working. Many have died due to corona. Still, he doesn’t believe it. “