Amit Sadhe, said, “There are four worthless people in the industry, then 40 people are good”

Amit Sadhe has acted in many TV serials and films. After the first season of the web series ‘Breath’, Amit was also seen in the second season. Divya Bhaskar spoke to Amit Sadh on issues including lockdown, nepotism. It is to be mentioned that Amit Sadhe played the role of Kabir Sawant in ‘Breath’. Amit Sadh will be seen in ‘Yara’ with actor Vidyut Jamwal.

What was special about your character in the second season?

In the first season, my character was a police officer. There were so many questions in his life. The new season has seen many shades of my personality. My role in season 2 is good. Writers have written my role more forcefully.

Which was the most challenging scene this season?

My career was not what I wanted it to be before this season but after this series, I got the love of the fans and this was special for me. In the new season, I tried a little experimentation with my role.

How was the experience working with Abhishek?

It was very easy to work with Abhishek. He is a very good person and instinctive. He has a lot of understanding of the film. He is talented and plays his character very well. Inexperience, he is much bigger than me but on set he was fairly normal. Onset he lived with me like a friend and older brother. We often played cricket on set. I used to go to him whenever I felt like drinking good coffee.

How did life change in the lockdown?

I was in Uttarakhand during the lockdown and that’s why I couldn’t spend time with family. In Uttarakhand, I used to walk 10 km in the mountains and forests every day. In the meantime, I found out that there was only room for the film before in my life. I was just thinking about the movie all day. However, during these three months, I was taught that film has a very small part of my life. To this day I have neglected many things in my life. I learned how to live life during the lockdown. In Uttarakhand, I used to get up at five in the morning every day and then go trekking.

How do you cope with failures in life?

I believe in only one mantra in life and that is that it is better if you assume and better if it is not. I am very happy with the love I have found in life but I never give up when failures come.

What would you say to nepotism because you are an outsider?

I just want to say that if four people are worthless in the industry, then 40 people are also good. Favoritism is present in every home, even in children. I will continue to do my job honestly. If I can’t find work at a time, I will rub the mess. Even so, I was working as a security guard in a hotel before I came to the film. When I survived this world at the age of 16 I can do a lot now that I am 41 years old.

How did this series change your life?

First of all, I would like to say that this series has given me the satisfaction of working as an actor. The artist inside me has been challenged to do better.

Which character do you want to play on the big screen?

Saw the movie ‘Gladiator’ and want to play the role.

Source/Credit to: divyabhaskar

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