Actor Arshad Warsi agrees to sell his paintings to pay Rs 1 lakh electricity bill

  • Arshad said, “I have saved my kidneys for the coming months.”
  • Adani has solved this problem and issued a new bill

Many celebs, including Tapasi Pannu, Soha Ali Khan, Huma Qureshi and Raj Kundra, have been outraged by the multi-million rupee increase in electricity bills this month. Meanwhile, actor Arshad Warsi is also considering selling his paintings to pay his bill of Rs 1.03 lakh. Not only that, but if the situation remains the same, the actor has also prepared to sell his kidney and pay the bill.

After the lockdown, Arshad Warsi keeps sharing photos of his own art pieces and paintings. A bill of Rs 1.03 lakh at his house is also under discussion. He praised his painting on Twitter, saying, “Please buy my painting. I have to pay Adani’s electric bill and I am ready to sell the kidney to pay next month’s bill.”

Arshad’s sense of humor is being highly praised by social media users. Many people’s electricity bills have skyrocketed this month. However, Arshad’s problem has been solved by the Adani group.

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