Celebrities recall the tragedy on Line 12 of the CDMX metro

Gayle Garcia, Marco Antonio Solis, Diego Luna, Belinda, Carlos Rivera, whatever happened in the metro, among others, have been dismissed.

Mexico – night of May 3 in Mexico City A beam collapsed Organized a bridge Metro Line 12 Between Olivos and Tezonco stations. It caused a downfall 23 people died, 79 injured, in addition to several missing.

Because of the seriousness that this terrible accident represents Various famous Have taken to social media in this regard, But to show sympathy in the face of this biggest tragedy that has shaken Mexico City and the entire Republic.

Husband Chapoy, Gayle Garcia, Pedro Sola and Diego Luna They have been among the first families to express their condolences to those people and show solidarity with those families who have unfortunately lost a relative or are injured in hospital.

The presenter was the first person to speak about what happened on Line 12 of the CDMX Metro. Through a tweet, he questioned the officials. Later, he retracted the message that the driver said Carlos Quirarte Was released

Husband chapoy He did not write such a message about the great tragedy, but shared Carlos Mota’s tweet in which he questioned the policy’s ineptitude

Ana Brenda It was one of the famous ones released Various messages After learning that a Line 12 Metro convoy collapsed after a beam supporting a bridge. The actress continues to share useful messages

Gayle Garcia Was released Strong claims For the politics of the country, ensuring that for some time it was known about the precarious circumstances in which the train infrastructure was found.

Diego Luna He also shared an opinion about wagons left over from the Golden Line structure. He said in his tweet that he felt pain, anger and helplessness.

Hector Suarez Gomis remember something Recommendations that in 2007 Experts did this to avoid an accident that is now suffering.

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