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Celebrities on Instagram: Noelia made an impact with a photo on the beachRecently, the singer’s original account, where she had more than 3.2 million followers, was deleted; she after her the other profile of her @ noeliaofficial1 was reactivated despite the fact that she had warned that she would not return to this network

Noelia is one of the most active Latinas on social networks like Instagram. (Infobae)

Singer Noelia together with Celia Lora She has become one of the most popular Latinas in the world of adult entertainment, but at the same time she also tries to give her career as a performer a new lease of life.

The Puerto Rican nationalized Mexican singer, who is temporarily back On Instagram After deleting his official account of 3.2 million followers, he continues to challenge the censorship of Meta’s social network.

Through the account @noeliaofficial1, the celebrity continues to delight her 200,000 followers with photos and videos on where it leaves very little to the imagination and dancing sensually.

Despite the fact that she had promised that she would no longer return to Instagram, the interpreter of “Candela” has resorted to the platform to invite them to follow her through celebritya social network very similar to the conventional ones, in which you can publish photos and videos through a paid subscription to access exclusive content, such as onlyfansalthough by Noelia he assured that access to its content would be free.

Here are his latest updates:

From stages to adult videos

Noelia Lorenzo Mongeknown only as Noelia, is a 43-year-old singer, actress, model and businesswoman who was born on August 31, 1979 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, although he also has Mexican nationality.

From a very young age, Noelia showed an interest in music, however, her mother, the famous singer-songwriter, actress and television presenter, Yolandita Monge, was opposed to her daughter following in her footsteps in the show.

Despite family impediments, Noelia ventured into music in 1999 with her debut album “Noelia”, which included hits like “You”, “I love you”, “Touched the Light” and “Candela”reaching a gold record in Mexico and the United States, had also been well received in Italy and France.

Noelia’s successful debut opened the doors of music for her, where she tasted the honeys of fame that increased with the following songs and albums.

In 2000, the Puerto Rican released the album “Golpeando Fuerte”, maintaining the success obtained with the previous album, but musically consolidating herself with her third album called “Natural”.

After releasing some compilation albums of successes, Noelia added the albums “40 degrees” and “Volverte a ver” to her discography, which were released in 2006 and 2007.

Noelia’s life changed in 2007 when a sex video was released starring her and her then-partner, rapper Yamil Goritz. The blow of this event was such that he decided to take a break from the stage.

And although she returned for the second decade of the 2000s with more songs, the success that the Puerto Rican singer had at the beginning of her career could not match her.

In 2019, Noelia announced her foray into the adult content industry after agreeing to a $10 million contract with a production company. After that, the singer opened her account onlyfans, where until August 2021 he shared exclusive content for $34.95 per month. After that, he was encouraged to create the platform Cherryland VIP.

This turn in Noelia’s career has returned her to media life, now reinforced in social networks, mainly on Instagram and Facebook, where she has more than 3.2 million -before her suspension- and 2.5 million followers, respectively.


Reference from www.infobae.com

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