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Cecilia Villar Eljuri sings a hopeful protest in her single “Salva la Tierra”.

Singer, author and songwriter Cecilia Villar Eljuri conjures up an urgent call to protect and save our planet through peaceful and hopeful protest in her latest single “Salva la Tierra”. YOU MAY BE INTERESTED: Enchantment and Frozen on Ice will arrive in Charlotte: dates and details

The song is part of his fifth studio album as a soloist and in it you can hear Eljuri’s mastery on the guitar, with classic rock sounds but also a reflection. “Save the Earth, you can’t wait. Save the earth, it’s urgent, very urgent,” the singer’s song begins. The song’s sound and lyrics combine in the video with a visual narrative created by the artist Anna Raff, in which we can see an animation of Eljuri using a speaker, while bees, a ship and the third planet of the solar system also appear. .

This type of meditation and audible warning is described by Eljuri himself as a “hopeful protest” that is part of Reflection, an album due to be released on September 30th. Why is Eljuri’s Save the Earth a hopeful protest? Eljuri considers herself a musical activist, so she likes her songs to always contain a social theme. “I’ve written, I’ve taken a lot of precautions in my home because we haven’t been able to travel (during the pandemic), I’ve put my energy into it and digged deeper into these intense messages because of my personality, but I was very glad that a record came out as a whole and then we recorded with my musicians in our own studio in New York,” says Cecilia Villar Eljuri in an interview with La Noticia. In the footage, the ship represents humanity traveling in the same direction and ends up returning due to the damage we have done to the earth, reflecting the singer-songwriter with more than 20 years of experience.

“All my albums are full of it. Against violence, against guns, for equal civil rights, fighting for our rights in general, ensuring gender equality, helping women to take control of their own destiny,” reflects Eljuri. According to Eljuri, the album also touches on immigration issues, while it’s critical and thought provoking, it doesn’t seek a heartbreaking ending in each of its messages, quite the opposite. “I have intense issues with music, but I always want us to stand up, stand out, help each other, because in the end I’m optimistic,” Eljuri emphasizes. The next single to be released is “La Voz” and will be presented on August 19th.

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