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Cause of Death of Odalis Santos

Cause of Death of Odalis Santos

Odalis died after undergoing beauty treatments after his autopsy has been revealed: MIRA DRY.

Guadalajara.— The post mortem of influencer Odalis Santos, who To die last 6 july in a beauty clinic while from Guadalajara got treated for reduce underarm sweating, proved that the 23 year old fdue to anaphylactic reaction associated with local anesthesia The Jalisco prosecutor’s office reported that they were supplied.

Guillermo Flores Tovar, the Director of Special Investigations of the Prosecutor’s Office, indicated that Lidocaine and bupivacaine were found, local anesthetics that cause adverse reaction on his body, but indicated that still It is checked whether there was Or not Medical negligence.

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The clinic assured that the athlete was irresponsible

After the death of the girl, Mr. Skin Peel Clinic, that he had hired Odalis to go through the process and thereby promote it among his followers, issued a statement in which he absolves himself of all responsibility having said this Athlete left information that he had consumed certain substances, such as clenbuterol, among other steroids and anabolics, that caused a reaction with the anaesthesia.

still, when the prosecution and the Commission for the Protection of Jalisco’s Sanitary Risks They wanted to inspect the clinic, no one answered the request, so until search warrant is received was executed and the establishment is still in the custody of the prosecutor’s office.

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