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Caught us all asleep! Newscast misspells the word ‘preliminary’ after earthquake

It is well known that information never stopsthis leads journalistic and communicative work to not have fixed schedules, since the commitment is to report on the events that occur minute by minute, especially when it comes to a relevant social event such as an earthquake.

Nevertheless, sometimes the haste and immediate coverage naturally cause errors to existbeing the most common the orthographic ones because of dedazos, such was the case of the transmission of Foro TV on Televisa a few seconds after the 5.1 earthquake occurred in the early hours of this August 12 that woke up the inhabitants of the capital.

Earthquake wakes up residents of the capital

This Friday morning the National Seismological Service (SSN) reported an earthquake of magnitude 5.1 with origin in the state of Guerrero at 03:17 hours.

In Mexico City seismic alerts activated only in some colonies, which generated confusion among the population. Those who managed to hear the alarms executed the evacuation protocols. After this the society began to inform through the different communication channels, such as television.

Newscast misspells the word “preliminary”

It was during the special broadcast of Televisa that an error with the legend could be seen on the headline of ‘Última hora’:

“Earthquake recorded preliminary magnitude 5.3”

This was not overlooked by viewerswho made jokes about it, even using the famous TikTok audio: “What is that?”.

The for what of whom?” Wrote the user who captured the moment.


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Reference from www.milenio.com

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