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“Catarotti”, the viral TikTok cat who sings opera and stole the followers of his caretaker

She is the opera singer who was overshadowed by a cat (Screenshots: TIkTok/@maura.music)

TikTok is a platform where, in addition to famous dances and challenges, many people have found a space to show their art, give makeup tips or make humorous content. In recent days, a young woman and her cat went viral because the feline he began to “sing” opera with her.

In the user’s video @maura.music, he can be seen in the comfort of his room singing an opera piece, as he usually does in most of his videos, however, his faithful companion he cuts off his inspiration by jumping on his computer keyboard and going through the video.

Feigning annoyance, the young woman makes some indignant faces and tries to remove her cat while the music continues, however, the green-eyed feline begins to “sing” the rest of the melodyas it is likely that the trials of his caregiver are very constant, so much so that he even “learned” them.

After realizing what she was doing, the young woman began to laugh at the iconic interpretation of her brown cat with black stripes, because she could not believe that she was imitating her, which continued to sing. Finally, the feline finished his performance and jumped to the floor.

The recording was quickly shared and commented on by thousands of people, reaching more than a million and a half “likes” on this social network. Among the comments the following messages could be read:

“The cat that sings opera does not exist: the cat”, “he took away the leading role”, “to make it clear to you Karen, in this house, the only one that shines is me”, “context: meow meow meow meow meow”, “And the eyes lost in the multiverse hahahahahahaha to be able to follow the note” and “How dare you outrage his solo?” to which the young woman replied “He put me in my place.”

There were even those who nicknamed him as gatarottimaking a play on words with the famous singer Pavarotti. The video became so popular that many people even uploaded it to their own profiles, as it was funny and unusual to see the little feline do that.

Although cats do not have the ability to sing, the companion animal of @maura.music He is not the only one who has had this kind of spontaneous attitudes.

In the cat daya young man shared that his little black feline was in charge of making the choirs of a rock song, for which various Internet users soon nicknamed him Rock cat. In the recording, the boy played the guitar, leaving the necessary silences for his faithful companion to do his “interpretation”.

Previously, another recording of another cat singing rock “The new from the CAT band” had already been spread on Facebook, the page administrator wrote rock zone.


What’s new from the band CAT ImI ImI ImI

Posted by ROCK ZONE on Monday, May 25, 2020

Regarding the opera specifically, this is not the first time that a feline “performed” the genre, since The Kiffness account had even made an edition of another cat that had already carried the nickname “Cattarotti”in the video, Pavarotti was framed at one of his concerts.

The Internet is also full of cat edits using filters, as their keepers edited the audio so that they seemed to be the ones singing.


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