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Casetify Announces ‘Sailor Moon’ Collab Featuring Iconic Guardians for Your Phone and AirPods

It’s been 30 years since Usagi first appeared on screens around the world. From the toughest battles to rifts with friends, Sailor Moon has conquered it all. But Sailor Moon and the rest of the Sailor Scouts are preparing for a new feat – a Limited-Edition Casetify Collection Who has just started his waiting list.

Casetify announced the Sailor Moon collab today, June 16, and it’s officially dropping on June 30 at 1 a.m. PT. The celestial collaboration lets the Moonies select protective phone cases that include some of their favorite Sailor Scouts (as well as tuxedo masks), as well as the limited edition 3D Printed Luna AirPods Case, Sailor Moon Beaded Wristlet, Nintendo Switch Case, Apple Watch Band and a water bottle too.

Join the waiting list now

Casetify has Sailor Moon-themed cases for the iPhone X and all new iPhone models, Samsung Galaxy S22/+/Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S21/+/Ultra and Google Pixel 6/Pro. There is a unifying theme to the strength of friendship sailor Moon series, manga and this collaboration, so you can easily treat yourself and your friends with many protective and beautiful device cases.

Everyone’s favorite crybaby has come a long way since she first met a strange-talking cat named Luna, and she and her fellow sailor guardians have a big year ahead of them. If you’re like us, you’re already stocking up on tissues to cry through the upcoming two-part beautiful guardian sailor moon universe film in 2023. And the Sailor Moon x Cassette Collection is another way for us Moonies to celebrate the power of friendship during the 30th anniversary of the original sailor Moon performance.

Next, choose your favorite Sailor Guardian to protect your phone, Apple Watch, and Nintendo Switch console Sailor Moon x Casetify Collection Waiting list before officially ends on 30th June.

One of Usagi’s signature phrases, “In the name of the moon, I will punish you,” will certainly deter anyone who tries to read your texts when you’re not around. Now that you have selected your preferred phone case, all you have to do is choose between the frosted clear or the clear pink version of the case.


Decorate your phone with the iconic Sailor Moon stance.


Whether you just love the look of blue or a certified genius ami, Sailor Mercury will help elevate your old phone case.


No matter which avatar you take on, you’re bound to love the remarkable masked hero (and the even more remarkable rose-sling hero in distress). So, why not take Mamoru with you and your phone wherever you go?


Already selected the right phone case for your Samsung, Google or Apple device? Then, you might want to grab this Sailor Mars case to celebrate the power of friendship for your fiery friend.


This translucent Sailor Moon-themed Stickermania case is sure to add to your 90s nostalgia. Thanks to the Spiral Heart Moon Rod, the Cosmic Heart Compact Mirror, and many more celestial objects from Usagi, you can celebrate your fantasy with this faux-sticker case.


Keep your AirPods safe and secure with this adorable Luna-themed case. after all who No Trust that coveted Taurus to protect your favorite earbuds?


Makoto may make the Dark Kingdom regret his evil ways, but you won’t regret snagging this Sailor Jupiter-inspired phone case.


Decorate your AirPods with this fake-sticker version of Usagi’s many magical accessories. Plus, you can choose between a clear, pink or iridescent case.


Whether you like her manga adaptation or one of her anime versions, if you’re a fan (or if you’re bent like her) you’ll want to grab this Sailor Venus phone case.


Of course, you can’t forget about your Nintendo Switch when it comes to the protective Sailor Moon merchandise.


Make sure your best friend stays hydrated with this cute Guardian water bottle.


Really elevate your device’s decor with the Casetiff Sailor Moon Pearl Bead Charm Wristlet. It has a Mini Luna attraction, as well as some celestial-themed attractions.


Can’t choose just one Sailor Scout to protect your phone? Investigate the Sailor Guardian case involving Usagi, Ami, Rei, Minako and Makoto.


The Casetify Sailor Moon Apple Watch Band is a great way to revamp your Apple Watch and showcase your favorite fandom. After all, how are you going to meet fellow Moonies in public?


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