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Cartel de Santa went viral for helping young people trying to cut mangoes: “Babo in action”

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The video has already exceeded 200 thousand “likes”. (TikTok Capture: @soyangeljorge)

A large part of the public dreams of one day meeting their favorite stars to meet them physically, ask them for an autograph and a photograph, however, very few manage to do it and there are even fewer who for reasons of fate they get a big surprise when they meet the artists in unexpected situations. This happened to some young people who, while trying to cut some mangoes, received help from santa poster.

In the last few hours, a video has gone viral where members of the famous Mexican group appear helping some people in their attempt to pull out some mangoes that were at the top of a tree. In the audiovisual fragment published by @soyangeljorge in TikTok you can see a person trying to move the pieces of fruit with a long branch, but it did not work, however, they continued trying until a group of men gave them help.

They were the members of santa poster, who chose to make a kind of human ladder to be able to approach the tree that was behind some bars and thus, with the help of the same branch, cut the fruit. Fortunately, it only took a couple of attempts for them to achieve their goal and no one was hurt.


When I least expected it, the poster came into action 🥭🥭 #carteldesanta #babo #summer

♬ original sound – 👻

I was cutting mangoes with my friend very comfortable when this happened… Cartel de Santa arrived along with Babo to the action

In the end, the young people not only got their sweet fruits, they also had the luck to meet the band in an unusual context. As expected, they did not miss the opportunity to take a photo with Babo, singer of Cartel de Santa, and share their experience with the users of the application, who applauded the gesture.

How random to say that you cut mangoes with Cartel de Santa”. “Can you imagine getting into a fight with someone and suddenly saying: ‘At least I started stealing mangoes with Cartel de Santa and the babo’”. “Mexico always so surreal”. “I’m tired of just being a spectator.” “Indeed, God has his favorites.” “The guy when he gets home: they won’t believe me”, were some reactions in the comments section.

Babo opened access to his OnlyFans account.  (Photo: Instagram/@babo_cartel)
Babo opened access to his OnlyFans account. (Photo: Instagram/@babo_cartel)

The group famous for songs like They all die for me, The platoon, The art of deception and Mild He has not commented on the matter and his video continues to run on social networks.

A boy celebrated his Babo-themed birthday

santa poster It is considered one of the Mexican bands with the greatest presence within the genre thanks to its long history in the national artistic environment. For that reason, it has a large number of fans throughout Latin America and although many tend to show their appreciation through social networks, few have gone further.

Decoration images.  (Photo: Facebook/Piñateria-Ramirez)
Decoration images. (Photo: Facebook/Piñateria-Ramirez)

Such is the case of a child who went viral on social networks for asking that his birthday party be themed around the group’s vocalist. It was last May when a family complied with the request of the celebrated and organized an event with images and a spectacular Babo piñata, made by the Ramirez Pinateriafamous for its artist creations or viral moments.

The publication of the viral party gathered almost 2 thousand likes and people left comments like “Typical scumbag that walks barefoot steals things from the corner store and says ‘peel me'”, “I want a son just to make him a piñata like that” and “Big Babo”.


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