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Carnales de Nuevo León, a band of laguneros and regios, seek to position themselves after the pandemic

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Carnales of Nuevo Leon, is a musical group of the norteño genremix of Lagunero and Monterrey membersthat after a long time of pandemic, they are resuming their work and positioning their new musical themes on the different digital platforms, radio and television.

Roel Ruíz Jr., first voice and sixth bass, sampetrino, originally from the Mayrán ejidopointed out that before the pandemic everything was going great having Remex Music as a firm.

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“We had many presentations throughout the country and we were already arranging papers for presentations in the United States, the pandemic came and everything stopped, with the music sector being one of the most affected,” he said.

The group is made up of two musicians from MonterreyNuevo León, Fabián and Luis González, accordion and drums. and three lagoons; Roel Ruíz Jr., first voice and sixth bass, Iván Alemán, from Laguna de Durango, electric bass, and Baltazar Sandoval, in animation, also from Sampetrino from the Mayran ejido.

“During the pandemic we had to do everything to support our families, some on the heels or “fara fara”, as we say, commerce, field work and masonry, everything, but our passion is music, we come from families musicals,” said Jr.

He commented that recently they have been promoting their new album “Between Drinks and Drunks”with themes of love, heartbreak and spite, pure old guard music, with which they seek to resume their work and musical positioning.

“We have been on radio and television programs, and we have presentations in several cities in the country. The most recent were the presentations we had in Hidalgo, Texcoco, Durango, among other cities. And we continue, since music is passion without leaving behind our roots and of course, faith in God, who is the one who helps us to move forward”.


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