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Carmen Salinas won the lottery; revealed how he got the ticket (video)

 Carmen Salinas won the lottery;  revealed how he got the ticket (video)

The actress caused a stir by revealing that the little piece was given to her by a client; He also confessed that he did with the money.

MEXICO CITY.- Carmen Salinas placeholder image is an actress who has done a lot of movies, soap operas, plays and even special appearances in entertainment programs, however, she became a woman with a lot of money in 1966 when he won the lottery.

The actress, who always has an opinion on the problems that occur in the country, assured that with that money she could buy your house in which to this day he lives. But what stood out most about his confession was the way in which got the ticket.

It was a gift

In an interview with the morning newspaper “Hoy”, ‘Carmelita’ Salinas presumed that she once won the lottery, but unlike many Mexicans she did not buy the ticket that would turn out to win. The little piece of luck came into his “hands” after a client will give it to you.

When I finished dancing with the man, he put a bill in my hand and as I bent down to thank him, I put what he had given me into my bosom. When I go to the dressing room I take it out and it was a lottery ticket for December 24, 1966 with the number 3044 and I win the lottery, 350 thousand pesos and with that I bought this house ”, revealed the popular actress.

As it was expected, this statement prompted the comments of Internet users, who highlighted that Carmen Salinas placeholder image She is an icon of Mexican culture and one of the most important celebrities in our country that will undoubtedly be greatly missed the day it is missing, because her statements always give something to talk about.

It should be noted that although Internet users convert the trending actress of social networks for the opinions, comments or messages you send, the actress He has a long artistic career that began in 1964 when he made his television debut.