Home Entertainment Carmen Salinas will have a gastrostomy and a tracheostomy

Carmen Salinas will have a gastrostomy and a tracheostomy

Carmen Salinas sometida a una gastrostomía y una traqueotomía

Carmen Salinas’ condition is said to be stable after two interventions.

MEXICO CITY – Carmen Salinas placeholder image, who is still in a coma after a cerebral hemorrhage, underwent a gastrostomy and tracheostomy last Tuesday, November 23rd “without complications”, This was confirmed by a declaration from the family of the manufacturer, which is also the manufacturer.

“Today to the leading actress Carmen Salinas successfully performed a tracheostomy and gastrostomy. The surgical procedure was uncomplicated and she is stable, in the seriousness that its condition implies, “reads the text that was circulated on social networks.

Relatives of the comedian, too You appreciated the messages of support who received and asked the admirers of the leading lady to continue praying for her speedy recovery.

It should be noted that there suffered a stroke, 12 days ago, Carmen Salinas placeholder image was associated with a Fan.

What is a tracheostomy and a gastrostomy?

According to the Mayo Clinic website, the tracheostomy is “a opening which is performed surgically in the front of the neck and in the trachea” the It allowsbreathe when the usual airway is found reduced or disabled somehow”.

While about himfor gastrostomy, according to the MedlinePlus website, consists of the “Placement of a feeding tube through the skin and stomach wall. It goes straight to the stomach. ”

For their part, relatives of ‘Carmelita’ stated that the actress would undergo these medical procedures with it the cleaning of mucus, as well as its feeding are easier to do. It was also mentioned that it is likely that Carmen Salinas has a respirator Tracheostomy that they practiced is temporary.

When Carmen Salinas wakes up, she might not be able to work for a short time

A few days ago the granddaughter and nephew of Carmen Salinas placeholder image they assured them that already started doing more body movements Reflections on the actions doctors take with her, such as daily checkups.

You also mentioned that a new CT scan showed that the bleeding subsidesthat they cataloged as something positive.

But after the medical diagnosis about the health of the singer on 19. They decided that when I woke up won’t be back to work anytime soon. Similar, You need to focus on your rehabilitation and he will have to put his artistic career aside, at least for a time.

“With this we inform you that by instruction of the doctors, Ms. Carmen Salinas, in the event that she regains consciousness, she would have to a rehabilitation that would not allow him to do a short-term job, “the statement said that the family the iconic actress shared a few days ago.

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