Home Entertainment Carmen Salinas stated “bastard” to Lalo Mora for molesting a fan

Carmen Salinas stated “bastard” to Lalo Mora for molesting a fan

Carmen Salinas said

After a video started circulating on social media of northern singer Lalo Mora molesting a fan, actress Carmen Salinas exploded towards him, saying he was “dirty, filthy, idiot and sick”.

Carmen Salinas Stated &Quot;Bastard&Quot; To Lalo Mora For Molesting A Fan - Light Home News

The Mexican actress confirmed her anger in an interview for the present at the moment from Televisa.

Salinas took agency motion towards Lalo Mora and described him in entrance of the cameras as a “dirty pig”.

“Hey sir, Lalo Mora, you are crap. Now I am going to give my opinion, I am not giving my opinion, but I am giving my opinion now, because a little girl who has put her hand in his bosom has given me a lot of courage. Who are you, dirty, dirty, to do that with all the ladies, treat them, grab them, put your hand wherever you want. You’re an idiot, ”he stated.

The well-known one stated that she defends girls as a result of she is a mom and grandmother and is offended to see such conditions.

“And once I inform him head to head as a result of I am a mom and a grandmother. I’ve six granddaughters and I believe an fool like you’ll get his palms on them. It makes me offended, it makes me offended, who’re you, to really feel these poor creatures that can go and take an image with you. You filthy fool. ‘

Carmen Salinas identified that she had by no means seen a colleague within the media act towards her followers.

“I don’t see my fellow singers doing that. All of my colleagues I haven’t seen did such a dirty thing. Whoever does this… you are sick, ”he concluded.

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