Home Entertainment Carmen Salinas’ family would consider separating them (video)

Carmen Salinas’ family would consider separating them (video)

Carmen Salinas podría ser desconectada

Rumor has it that the actress’ relatives are divided, because while some are considering separating them, others are hoping for a miracle.

MEXICO CITY. – The diagnosis of Carmen Salinas placeholder image does not improve and the situation that the Ficheras film actress is going through has been created Problems between family members, who also think of extreme alternatives due to the serious condition of the manufacturer.

Similarly, a journalist mentioned that the actress’s delicate situation is starting to generate divided opinions about how much do with the interpreter of “La Corcholata”.

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Would Carmen Salinas’ family consider separating them?

Jorge Carbajal, entertainment journalist, reported that the relatives of “Carmelita” were supposedly divided into two camps.

One of them thinks that Carmen Salinas should continue to use the treatment which they have had since November 11th when he was hospitalized as an emergency. While others trust the woman to wake up, all that remains is to wait.

Even Carbajal mentioned that doctors might suggest a tracheostomy because the actress is still serious.

Carmen Salinas’ family has started to split; artificial ventilation is recommended for 10 days, in which case a tracheostomy must be performed. These are situations that doctors have to comment on, ”said Jorge Carbajal on his YouTube channel Productora 69.

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However, the journalist said that there are relatives who stress that if they return there will be consequences and that would be worse for them.

“Another part of the family is not seeing the case because if she returns there will be sequels and this could affect her very much [Carmen]”added Jorge

However, the journalist claimed that the members of the family of Carmen Salinas they are considering separating it. However, María Eugenia (daughter of the actress) recently commented that they are all united but will share to keep guards in the Hospital.

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