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Carmen Muñoz arrives at Televisa: that would be the salary she would receive

El sueldo que recibirá Carmen Muñoz en Televisa

The host of programs like “Enamorándonos” and “Al Extremo” joins Televisa in a new project.

MEXICO CITY – Carmen Munoz She was a guest on the show “Hoy” and although it has been confirmed that the presenter is leaving TV Azteca to join a new project in the competition, this will not be Televisa tomorrow.

Recently, Juan José “Pepillo” Origel gave details on why Carmen Change of company and What is he going to do on TV?. While another entertainment journalist revealed the high salary that the new presenter of the television channel San Angel to get.

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How much does Televisa Carmen Muñoz pay?

About the departure of Carmen Munoz of the Ajusco TV station, but it was “Pepillo” Origel who revealed that the ex-host of “Enamorándonos” I wasn’t satisfied with the salary which TV Azteca offered to extend the contract.

Similarly, Origel noted that Carmen Muñoz was not very interested in the project that she would be involved in. When he found an opportunity in the competition, he decided to take it. This option would also help you find one conspicuous payment.

The entertainment journalist for his part Michelle Rubalcava, He announced this on his YouTube channel Carmen Muñoz wins a little less than Andrea Legarreta on the show “Hoy”, but that wouldn’t be a bad offer as the presenter wouldn’t get more than 800,000 pesos a year, but it would still be one big salary.

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Why did Carmen Muñoz TV leave Azteca?

In a statement from the TV presenter Carmen Munoz indicated that the Decision to rejoin Televisa, where he worked 16 years ago was recorded in collaboration with his agency Make It Prensa, and found that the San Ángel TV station provided support and facilities to make this happen.

“I really appreciate this new professional step and I am sure that the project that the company has determined for me will please all of you,” said the statement shared on Instagram.

However, it is rumored that TV Azteca wanted the whims of Carmen Muñoz. not comply, which according to Grupo Fórmula journalist Gabriel Cuevas belonged a raise.

But Carmen would have asked you toon contract that benefits your family, to put a house and trucks at his disposal, because of his numerous Requests Staying with Ajusco would have got on badly with the driver Aztec television.

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