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Carlos Vives took the vallenato to a privileged place

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MEXICO CITY (El Universal).— Carlos Vives is today one of the most important exponents of Colombia and Vallenato; for him everything goes back to his childhood, his past and his roots, he acknowledges that it was not easy for the music industry to believe in his proposal, since at that time they saw him more as a pop idol than as a singer-songwriter of folklore.

“My first albums with a big company were pop, ballads; I made soap operas and the profile I had was that and I liked it but since I was young I had this desire to return to my past, to the music of my ancestors. I decided to do my bit in the rescue of folklore but removing the solemn, that it was not a museum piece and that it was something that people who are not from Colombia could also enjoy, ”he comments.

The 60-year-old singer thus embarked on a journey that today, 40 years later, places him as a benchmark for the genre and for Colombia, master of the new current exponents such as Shakira and Juanes, and inspiration of others such as J Balvin, Maluma and Camilo.

“It makes me very proud to see that people who I saw born artistically today are world idols, in some way I was there when they started and wanted to make a career and to this day we remain united because there is something that we Colombians have and that is that we always seek to bring our story to the world,” he says.

Now, Vives returns to the music charts with his 15th studio album “Cumbiana II”, with which he continues to commemorate his roots, the musical tradition from which he comes, but – he explains – giving it a fresh, modern air, with which the new generations can synchronize and at the same time turn to their past and the cultural places they come from, especially Colombians but also Latinos.

Vives comments that this album is also a sample of the enriching friendships he has made throughout his career, since it has the participation of stars such as Fito Páez, Ricky Martin, and Pedro Capó.

A few months after reaching 60 years of life, Carlos is surprised to learn that he never realized that time had passed.

“I look in the mirror and I feel like a young man with his guitar who was composing songs and that was more than 40 years ago but I feel that I have a young soul,” says the singer-songwriter.

For Vives, “Cumbiana II” shows his desire to live and to create connections with sounds.

“Everything is connected, you will find in this album Andean bambucos, llaneros, new songs made through the vallenatos”.

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