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Carlos Trejo shares a photo with Magaly Chávez, ex-girlfriend of Alfredo Adame: “I want to pull her into various projects”

The rivalry between Carlos Trejo and Alfredo Adame increased after a few days ago the call Ghostbusters shared on his Instagram account a photo where he appears next to Magaly Chávez, ex-girlfriend of the driver.

There are stories that write themselves”, Trejo wrote to accompany the image where he appears sitting on his motorcycle and she is at his side very smiling.

Alfredo Adame makes fun of Magaly Chávez, his ex-girlfriend, and she replies: “Get over me”

This immediately generated many rumors about whether they both met to conspire against Adame, but their coexistence took place on a talk show, since later the Ghostbusters He uploaded a video where Magaly and him appear talking in the YouTube broadcast meaningful sex.

In addition, in a subsequent meeting with several reporters, Carlos spoke about the famous: “She is an excellent woman, very attractive and I already have plans: she will surely be the queen of the Festival of Terror that I am going to do in Real del Monte, I want to pull it to several projects that I have”.

Trejo added that Magaly is “very beautiful, very pretty, very intelligent”. And when asked if a romance could be cooked, he replied: “God will hear you”.

“Berenice, from meaningful sex, which was the one that brought us together, I was shocked, the beauty (of Magaly) is extraordinary, “he said.

Likewise, about Adame, he pointed out: “What this patient can say is rubbish, he fights with everyone and has hit no one. What can I say? Once I caught him in Perisur and I broke his teeth that he doesn’t have, I blew them off, and he also has my signature tattooed on his disgusting mug with the bottle”.

Lastly, the Ghostbusters He issued a warning to his enemy: “Get involved with Magaly again and I’m capable of going to your house and busting your shit…, because just as the man is armed, there is also something to love him with. Of all the women he has insulted and attacked, I am there and I have appointed lawyers for them, whatever the guy wants.”


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