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Carlos Santos plays a valet in a Hulu movie starring Eugenio Derbez

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With humor, Puerto Rican actor Carlos Santos played hand-in-hand with Eugenio Derbez as a Mexican parking attendant in the movie The Valet, which premiered May 20 on Hulu.

Eugenio Derbez not only won the Oscar, but also brought pressure to bear on the most important night of his career: INTERVIEW Although the film shows what life as a valet can be like, the film deals with an issue as serious as migrating from comedy. “I have the best teacher who can tell me if I’m doing it right or wrong, that’s Eugenio. Also, working with Armando Hernández (Amarte Duele, El César) was a very nice experience. You read the character, he has his ideas, he shares them and it’s always a collaborative process,” says Carlos of his participation on screen with Derbez and Hernández. Adrián Uribe approaches an awkward character and tells us about his late night -Show paparazzi and save her career.

“It’s a very beautiful film, it has an incredible balance of heart and comedy, and there’s an incredible variety presented. People will have a good opportunity to enjoy something super nice and obviously in these times it’s good to see that kind of comedy: comedy and heart what else do you need? So don’t miss it,” said Carlos Santos of The Valet, available now on Hulu. Here we leave you a trailer of the movie starring Samara Weaving and that was the last movie of the Mexican actress Carmen Salinas. Hulu: You’re showing the first photos of Carmen Salinas’ latest project

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