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Carlos Santana postpones 6 shows after stage collapse

Carlos Santana has postponed six upcoming shows of his Miraculous Supernatural 2022 tour due to exhaustion and dehydration earlier this week.

According to multiple reports, the legendary guitarist’s manager said that the 74-year-old musician needed rest and “deeply regrets” these postponements. The manager said Santana is looking forward to returning soon “but his health is our first concern.”

Shows in Noblesville, Indiana will be postponed; Cincinnati, Ohio; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Rogers, Arkansas; Dallas, Texas; and Woodlands, Texas.

News of the postponed show came just minutes before Earth, Wind & Fire was set to take the stage at Noblesville’s Roof Music Center. according to Indianapolis StarA “mass groan” was heard among 20,000 fans when news of the postponement was read on stage. That concert has been moved to August 3.

The announcement came just days after Santana was hospitalized after fainting during a concert in Clarkston, Michigan. He was performing at the Pine Knob Music Theater when he collapsed and was quickly taken away.

Video taken by musicians Shown that he was conscious and was shaking the hands of the fans as he got off the stage. Donny, an eyewitness to the show, told ET that Santana “didn’t play more than five to 10 minutes, if that was the case, she went down.”

“Before he started playing, Santana gave a beautiful speech talking about showing love and compassion and seemed completely fine,” Donnie recalls. “…About five minutes before he fell, he was playing and you could see his shirt was wet. Sweat. The temperature that day was over 90 degrees and the venue was extremely humid. More than 90 degrees Being high and they had all the lights on the stage, it must have been over 100 degrees there. Paramedics were working with her for at least 30 minutes before she finally got up.”

Santana’s publicist Michael Jensen confirmed to ET on Tuesday evening that the acclaimed musician had “overtaken heat exhaustion and dehydration.”

according to reportAs well as videos posted on social media, Santana was about 20 minutes into his performance, when he sat on a drum riser, then fell backwards as medical personnel rushed to his colleague.

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