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Carlos Santana collapsed at a concert in Michigan; How is your health?

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Carlos Santana turned on the alarm in the auditorium at Michigan’s Pine Knob Music Theater after collapsing in the middle of a concert tonight and experiencing moments of fear while being rushed to the hospital. You may be interested in: Carlos Santana suspends concerts in Las Vegas due to heart surgery

Carlos Santana collapsed at full concert The Mexican reportedly collapsed after just 40 minutes of the concert at full presentation and while playing “Joy” the Mexican decided to sit next to the drums stage.

At that moment Santana started to collapse, a staff member came to her aid and they started giving her air and some water. After a few minutes Santana was able to rejoin, the staff chased her off the stage by placing a black net on the stage and decided to sit out the rest of the concert. 🚨#BREAKING | Carlos Santana faints on stage during a concert in the United States They take him out on a stretcher pic.twitter.com/xaoowy4PV2— Ruido en la Red (@RuidoEnLaRed) July 6, 2022 Santana was visiting Michigan where he was accompanied by was joined by the group Earth, Wind & Fire, but the concert had to be canceled due to the health of the Jalisco native. Why did Carlos Santana collapse in full concert in Michigan? On the other hand, according to a TMZ report, his staff confirmed that the musician suffered from fatigue and dehydration during the concert, which made him feel tired and therefore took him to the doctor.

When they arrived with the doctor, the team of specialists examined the Jalisco guitarist and assured him that he was in good condition, but that he would need to rest for the next few days. “A Santana representative informed us that the 75-year-old man was overcome by heat exhaustion and dehydration, which led to the medical episode. He was taken to a local hospital for further observation, but his representative says he’s fine,” TMZ said. A video shows the moment Carlos Santana collapses A video shows the moment Santana collapses on stage while they were playing the song “Joy”, the musician was sitting on the stage where the drums are. Carlos Santana collapses on stage during a concert in Michigan. pic.twitter.com/YQ9D29mOyR— LΞLΞL⚔️ΔPRUΞBΘ (@lelelx) July 6, 2022 There, a staff member decided to help him, others ran to see what was going on and Santana’s face looked tired and lost. When they were able to revive him, the staff took Santana off the stage with a black net in front of him while the audience was silent before the scene.

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