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Carlos Rivera mourns the death of an endearing loved one: “I have a broken heart”

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FILE – Carlos Rivera is in mourning (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky, File)

Though Carlos Rivera and Cynthia Rodríguez have recently enjoyed their Travel around the worldthe mood of the famous singer was overshadowed by the death of a loved one.

It was through your account Instagram where the interpreter of hits like I was waiting for you, the only inhabitant of your skin or Other lives shared with his followersThe difficult times you are going through.

“It is a very sad day. My heart is broken. I woke up with the terrible news that my Bono Bonito has gone to heaven”, he began to write.

And it is that, accompanied by the description, the artist showed an image of him caressing his dog, who sadly died after spending several years in his company.

“He had liver and kidney complications that after days in treatment yesterday in the hospital he gave his last breath and left. We can only thank her for all the love and joy she filled us with since she came into our lives,” said Rivera.

In this sense, the singer took advantage of the space to thank his dog for all the time they were able to share together and regretted his departure.

Carlos wrote a message to his dog (Photo: IG _carlosrivera)
Carlos wrote a message to his dog (Photo: IG _carlosrivera)

“He was a being loved and embraced until the end. It will already be running there in heaven filling all Los Angeles De Dios with joy. we will miss him always”, he concluded.

The reactions were immediate and some of his friends from the entertainment industry did not hesitate to express their condolences for the loss of the furry one.

“How sad, Carlitos, I’m so sorry one of your best friends is gone”, mentioned Lucero; while Tania del Rincón added: “I’m very sorry” and Sebastián Rulli highlighted: “I’m so sorry my friend May your beloved Bono Bonito rest in peace.”

Carlos' puppy passed away (Photo: IG _carlosrivera)
Carlos’ puppy passed away (Photo: IG _carlosrivera)

Likewise, the fans of the native of Tlaxcala expressed their affection for the singer and wrote their condolences:

“I’m so sorry Carlos.he will already be resting in heaven and I assure you that from there he is thanking you for the great life you have given him by giving him a wonderful homeaffection and a lot of love, animals are incredible beings and when our hearts leave us, a lot of encouragement Carlos, your riverists always there ”, was one of the comments.

The journey of Cynthia and Carlos Rivera

Since his arrival at Spain and throughout the european tour, African and now Asian that they have had in recent weeks, neither Carlos or Cynthia has been seen together, despite the fact that they are the same landscapes, installations and it even seems that they take photos and videos of each other. However, in a recent Instagram published in the profile of the former academic, the shadow of two people could be seen, and the winner of The academy, so their fans assured that they are closer to releasing the news of their alleged wedding.

The viral photos of what could be their honeymoon (Photos: Instagram/@cynoficial/_carlosrivera)
The viral photos of what could be their honeymoon (Photos: Instagram/@cynoficial/_carlosrivera)

It is important to remember that the occasions in which one of the two has uploaded a type of photo with the other or in reference to their courtship have been counted.because they are one of the most discreet Mexican couples in the artistic mediumfor reasons that, although they seem obvious, have not been explicitly mentioned by the singers.

Despite this, so far the place they visited and the most controversial it has generated in Mexico has been Egypt after the egyptian government through its Ministry of Tourism tweeted some keywords like “husbands”, the pieces of the puzzle that have placed the possible secret marriage as the most viral topic on social networks increase the expectation of confirmation.


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