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Carlos Rivera breaks down in tears in full concert when remembering his father

Although several weeks have passed since the death of Mr. Jose Gonzalo Gilberto Riverayour son Charles Rivera He continues with the weight of his absence, and could not contain his tears during his last concert in Zacatecas, Mexico.

In front of the public that offered him all its support at such a delicate moment, the singer burst into tears at the sudden loss of his father, who would have died of a heart attack.

In the midst of so much pain, Rivera has done nothing but take refuge in what he loves most: music.

“Music being my medicine and you being my hug… Thank you Zacatecas for letting me vent with you and for calming my sadness a little with your love,” the singer said on Instagram after having such an emotional evening with his audience.

Rivera’s father passed away on Saturday, August 27. After a few days of silence, the singer issued an emotional message where he did not hide the bad time he is going through.

“You are never prepared to fire a father, at least I was not, I am not. How to let go of my best friend?, my number one fan, the best pimp of all my madness, my strong man who He was not afraid of anything or anyone and that the only thing that made him tremble was the damn Parkinson’s when it appeared,” he said.

“I stay here missing you until my last breath, until that day I see you again to hug you and hear your voice saying “my boy”, until that day this heart that has been broken into a thousand pieces will be whole again, until that One day I will be the same again,” he added.

Reference from peopleenespanol.com

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