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Carlos Miguel, from soap opera villain to selling tacos after being the victim of a kidnapping

Carlos Miguel Suárez Soto, was one of the most feared telenovela villains in the 80s and 90s. He had great participation in Televisa productions and came to share a picture with renowned actresses such as Ludwika Paleta or Angélica Vale. Despite her great on-screen success, now he makes a living outside of show business.

The popular soap opera actor known as Carlos Miguel acted in melodramas like Two women one way, Dreamers, Friends and rivals, Woman of wood, free to love you and among others but now he is dedicated to selling tacos on the street to survive.

Although his career was at a good level, ‘El poncho’ as he was known was the victim of an express kidnapping in 2012 and because of that he decided to get away from the spotlight. In an interview for the show the sun rises of Imagen Television revealed that the kidnappers tortured him and he suffered serious injuries.

“My tendons were removed. A boy received me with a boxer here (pointing to his mouth) and it turned out like a cleft lip. With a gun, and I couldn’t see, they told me: ‘Now you’re going to die, damned actor.’ It was going to be an express kidnapping, but it turned out that when they saw the photos of my daughters and since I also brought the high school receipt of one of them, they located them and took me to the time of leaving school, they only asked the hour. It was so that I would know and go to the banks to withdraw all the money I had. They took me to the house, they had to sign the invoices for two cars that I had, ”he recalled.

The former soap opera villain remembers that after being released he fell into depression after losing everything he had achieved with years of work.or, in addition, the blows he received deformed his face. He also suffered serious health problems that prevented him from returning to the picture.

Carlos Miguel did not want to remain stagnant and looked for a way to get ahead, so he had to find another way to generate income on his own.out of necessity came the idea of ​​opening a taco business.

“Given the lack of work and the way the country is, right now one says: ‘well, we have to do something honest, something good,’ so I thought of putting basket balls, but they didn’t hit, they failed,” he said.

Despite his efforts, the soap opera actor mentions that his business was about to close because the profits were not enough. It was thanks to a close friend who shared his popular recipe for cochinita pibil that the orders began to rise.

Since then their business has prospered and they receive hundreds of guests daily. Despite the fact that he earns an honest living, Carlos Miguel has been mocked for his entrepreneurship, but he assures that the bad comments do not affect him.


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