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Carlos Meza, first eliminated from ‘La Academia 20 años’, gets a job at Televisa

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Carlos Mesa was the first eliminated from this edition of The academy – your interpretation of the topic of light music It was not to the taste of the judges, who removed him from the TV Azteca reality show during the first round of applicants – although this did not stop his artistic career, since he already got a job in television, specifically in the series As the saying goes.

During an interview at the facilities of this television station, the singer and actor first explained that he has already been in the artistic world for 15 years, “in which I have insisted on studying, working and, above all, gaining a lot of experience around my life as a person and as an actor.

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of his foray into The academy, said that “I was going through all the filters, I got to the press conference and I was the first eliminated. (…) At the end of the day it was something quite funny because they tell you to do one thing, to do another, and things just happen… It’s television, one day you can be there and then somewhere else, and I’ve always said that the important thing is to enjoy life as it comes”.

“I believe that The academy It is something to learn, to improve, but things are as they are. Better not cry, on the contrary: grab the good opportunity we had, “he added.

Regarding the negative comments you received from Lolita Cortes, He said: “He is a person who has a fairly respectable track record, but I just think that opportunities come and go, and the most important thing is what you believe and that you keep preparing. From then on, things don’t have to affect you, you have to grab the good and move on. There is no point in complaining or making controversy. Don’t speak ill of Lolita Cortés, on the contrary, she is a respectable person, with an incredible career, and what remains for me is to compete with myself”.

“I get along pretty well with everyone, we have a lot of plans together, in fact Santi is an excellent friend of mine,” he said about his relationship with the rest of the reality show’s members.

About his arrival at Televisa after participating in the program of the rival signal, he pointed out that “it is great that I have the opportunity both here on Televisa, which has always been my home, and on TV Azteca. So I am grateful that I can work there or here, the most important thing is that I can have more opportunities, show who I am.”


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