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Carlos Guerrero ‘Warrior’, host of ‘Survivor Mexico’, confirms that he will be a father

charles warrior Warriorthe driver of Survivor Mexicoannounced that he will become a father next to his partner, Gisela Munoz. The sports commentator and narrator confirmed the news in an interview for the program come the joy where he expressed that the pregnancy took him completely by surprise.

“Just as it was not very planned, we already had a little time trying it, but suddenly it happened. It is made in the Dominican Republic, it is clear that the first days we did not have television and well things happen for a reason“said the presenter of TV Azteca Deportes.

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They commented that they wanted to make the announcement in the traditional way and share it on social networks, however, it was impossible due to the remoteness of the area in which they are located in the Dominican Republic. They even indicated that it was difficult get a pregnancy test.

“We had to move to another city. We couldn’t get it (the test), I knew of Gisela’s slight suspicion that she was probably pregnant and we went to a restaurant and right there in the bathroom she goes and does the test, it comes out and he tells me: ‘Congratulations, you’re going to be a dad,'” said the driver.

Gisela Muñoz, who is three and a half months pregnant, pointed out that she has not had any dizziness or experiences any type of fatigue despite the tremendous heat and humidity in the Dominican Republic.

Muñoz affirmed that Carlos Warrior “spoils her a lot.” He mentioned that he has had several cravings, but none of the dishes that he craves is possible to get in the country.

“There aren’t any of these foods around here and it’s complicated. Where do I get a corn with cream and chili from? There’s no way, so we already told the baby to wait with the cravings for us to return to Mexico,” Warrior said.

The driver added that everything “fits in this life” and revealed that they had tried to become parents for several years.

“It even got to the point where we said: ‘if it doesn’t happen at any time, nothing happens and we’ll continue to be just as happy’, and we kind of stopped thinking about it at one point and saying: ‘it has to be now, it has to be that this year, in this month, hopefully it will materialize’, and suddenly, boom!, the great news appeared”.


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