Home Entertainment Carlos Espejel shared a photo inside Salvador Alvarado

Carlos Espejel shared a photo inside Salvador Alvarado

carlos espejel salvador alvarado

MRIDA.- Actor Carlos Espejel Leguizamo, popular for its young characters eg chiquidracula, has . shared a photo from Merida, enjoying a walk inside the stadium Salvador Alvarado.

The actor has a great bond with the Yucatecan capital, as despite not being a native of these lands, his art and acting school is located right next to the stadium.

Via a picture on his Instagram account, Espegel Published:

“Except here for one witness that I went out for a run on Sunday. So it’s worth double that! Greetings, Chatto! “.

In the image accompanying the description, you can see inside Salvador Alvarado with headphones on and wearing his sunglasses, a basic accessory for summer in the Yucatan, and without a mask.

In most of the comments on the publication, netizens wished him a “Happy Sunday”.

El Salvador Alvarado is closed since March 2020

It should be noted that “Salvador Alvarado” has been closed since March 2020 due to the COVID pandemic. According to neighbors’ testimony, those who exercised and trained at the sports center were forced to find other locations, as there is a blanket outside the stadium in which they warn that The move is not allowed.

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Some runners choose to circuit on the outside edge of the place.


As we publish, the stadium was remodeled and closed for six months between 2019 and 2020. However, it reopened in January last year and closed in March when red traffic lights were ordered in the Yucatan due to COVID-19, which has since been closed to the general public.

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