Home Entertainment Carlos Cuevas and Los Juglares, a musical gift

Carlos Cuevas and Los Juglares, a musical gift

Carlos Cuevas and Los Juglares, a musical gift

For Mérida’s 480th birthday, the jugglers will give Romance and Bohème in the concerts they will offer tomorrow at the José Peón Contreras Theater and on Saturday at 8 p.m. at the Paseo de Montejo auction with the singer Carlos Caves.

The concerts are titled “The best bolero in the world” and are part of the Mérida Festival.

“For me, it’s the Mérida Festival’s best proposal in terms of music, even though they didn’t give us the main event,” said Fernando Vadillo, member of Los Juglares.

He recalled that they had opened the Mérida Festival last year and, despite their good suggestion, had now fallen behind with the accompaniment of the King of Bolero Carlos Cuevas.

“He is very happy to be returning to his second home, as he calls Mérida, and after we settled accounts with Carlos Cuevas we have been friends, traveling and interacting with him for over 15 years.”

He announced that some of the “best boleros in the world” they will play and sing are “Como yo te amé” and “Contigolearned” by Armando Manzanero; “Historia de un amor” and boleros, made famous by Los Panchos and Roberto Cantoral. Including “Despierta paloma” by Enrique “Coqui” Navarro among others.

The concerts are free, with access via tickets available at Tusboletos.mx.

Regarding the relationship between Los Juglares and Carlos Cuevas, whose repertoire they know well from their longstanding collaboration, he recalled that their first joint performance took place in Spain “when Maestro Armando Manzanero took us to some events in Madrid and there we got the opportunity to meet him and from then on we haven’t stopped having this nice friendly relationship with people and music. It has become an intimate, personal relationship between Los Juglares and Carlos Cuevas. Everything we do and suggest to the teacher always tells us to move on, I am with you.

“It is good to feel secure, supported by internationally recognized personalities such as Carlos Cuevas, Susana Zavaleta, Maestro Armando Manzanero (deceased), Fernando de la Mora and other artists who are good friends.”

He commented that the easiest way is to be his friend, the most complicated, to be his friend on stage, singing and performing, on a real stage “and that we have been able to merge with many artists, and go Juglares made it over 32 ”. Years, with many artists ”.

He announced that they are in the process of restructuring the group due to the recent death of Pepe Vadillo, his brother and member of Los Juglares.

“At the moment we are supported by various musicians who love us, like Yoshimar Ayuso, in the first voice and in the bass he sets the tone for Pepe.”

“He supports us for the moment and temporarily in this new transition and we do not rule out the possibility that we will have an element later, either him or another person, but at the moment we are supported by many musicians and many people we love” .

He stressed that Los Juglares’ work is a 30 year association that not everyone can do and therefore it is important to have an element that fits this work.

The musician invited to attend the concerts with masks, to keep order and to wear antibacterial gel.

Los Juglares José and César Marrufo and Fernando Vadillo will take part in the concerts; Yoshimar Ayuso, Julián López and Ricardo Escalante on drums; and Luciano Basto, drummer.

The concerts will be streamed free of charge on the Mérida es Cultura city council Facebook page and on Midvi.mx.

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