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Carlos Bonavides was released from the hospital; he revealed that he was afraid to die

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The actor was recovered (Photo: Getty Images)

In recent days, Carlos Bonavidez, best known for his character Huicho Dominguez in the soap opera the jackpot, remained admitted to a hospital in Mexico City due to bacteria. But, during the afternoon of last Friday he was discharged and He recounted the terrible experience he lived through.

It was during a meeting with the media, where the artist remarked that he was very scared and that he even came to believe that his life was in danger.

I left and I felt that the time had come, because I did feel death. The doctor told me that the dehydration that I had was very dangerous because it could affect other organs,” he began to say.

And it is that, a few days ago, his wife Yodi Marcos revealed that the actor’s state of health was delicate, since he entered the hospital with a picture of dehydration and was diagnosed with a strange bacteria.

Carlos Bonavides was discharged (Photo: Screenshot / Canal de las Estrellas)
Carlos Bonavides was discharged (Photo: Screenshot / Canal de las Estrellas)

“Yesterday some studies were done, nothing came out (the doctor) did not find anything in the study he did and that is the doctor’s concern, that Carlos continues with diarrhea, with the dehydration that despite the fact that they have given him four bags of serum, he still feels bad, his tongue is very white, he is still dizzy, he is still asleep, he does not want to do anything”, Yodi stated on past dates.

In this sense and, after his recovery, Bonavides was optimistic, for which he mentioned that this complicated moment helped him to reflect on the ephemerality of life.

“In my will I bring 500 pesos, the weakness I felt and the fall I suffered, but one begins to feel good and reconsiders one who is only passing through”sentenced before the cameras of Come the Weekend Joy.

Also, like a professional, Huicho Dominguez He informed that this Sunday he will continue to appear in the work commitments that he already had scheduled before getting sick. In addition, he stressed that – although several of his acquaintances recommended him to rest – he decided to resume his commitments for a greater reason.

The show has to go on, but I have a moral commitment to Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo(because) he has supported my family,” he explained.

Actor Carlos Bonavides left the hospital (Photo: @carlosbonavidesoficial/ Instagram)
Actor Carlos Bonavides left the hospital (Photo: @carlosbonavidesoficial/ Instagram)

Carlos Bonavides revealed his last will

During his stay in the hospital, in recent days, Bonavides linked up with the program gossip and revealed what would be his ideal way to die, implying that he would like to spend his last minutes working.

“I hope I get out of this well to move forward, because the years are the years and they don’t pass in vain, but as long as I have the strength my most intimate desire is to die on stage”, he confessed.

Although at the moment his voice was weak, with a certain sadness and broken, Huicho Dominguez kept a positive attitude to share that his last wish would be to swoon acting.

Sandra Cuevas visited Carlos Bonavides (Photo: Twitter/@SandraCuevas_)
Sandra Cuevas visited Carlos Bonavides (Photo: Twitter/@SandraCuevas_)

Likewise, Sandra Cuevas, mayor of the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office in Mexico City (CDMX), did not miss the opportunity to visit his friend in the hospital while he was convalescing and, from his account Twittershared the moment.

“They say that in illness true friendship is knownthat is why I came to visit my dear friend Carlos Bonavides, better known as Huicho Dominguez to wish him a speedy recovery. We love him very much and we want to see him well!” Cuevas said in a tweet.

The post was accompanied by a photograph where he appears with Bonavides, who in turn was lying on the stretcher and with a smile on his face.


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