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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Carlos Bonavides tells the truth after “suffering a heart attack” on television

  • In full live broadcast the actor collapsed
  • The actor apologized for the joke he made
  • They claim him for playing with something so delicate

During a dynamic of questions and answers, from the program SNserious of Multimedios, the actor Carlos Bonavides received an electric shock as part of a game. However, it stopped being fun when the 81-year-old Mexican collapsed to the ground and drivers rushed to his aid.

Finally it was learned that the 81-year-old interpreter had played a joke on them and that his health was perfectly. When that was revealed, many Internet users began to criticize him because from his perspective they should not have joked about it because it was a very sensitive issue.

The fake heart attack of Carlos Bonavides!

The fake heart attack of Carlos Bonavides!

Carlos Bonavides demonstrated once again that he is still a magnet for spotlights. The 81-year-old actor pretended to have a heart attack while participating in a “touch” game on the SNSerio de Multimedios program. This caused a lot of concern among viewers.

Internet users began to question the veracity of the situation as they claimed that this television network liked to play practical jokes. The actor decided to break the silence to confirm that it was just a cruel joke, Gustavo Adolfo Infante confronted him about what he had done.

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