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Carlos Bonavides simulates suffering a heart attack after electric shocks in a live program | VIDEO

Did Carlos Bonavides suffer a heart attack? Did you pass out? were some of the questions that mentions of his name emerged and increased in social networks, then in the program snseriousthe actor vanished in full live broadcast. What happened? It’s okay? Here we tell you what happened.

It was during the most recent broadcast of snserious where Carlos Bonavides made production staff and viewers take a tremendous scare. And it is that just weeks after it became known that the famous had left the hospital due to health problems, the actor allegedly “fainted” in the forum.

Carlos Bonavides offers help to Pablo Montero to overcome problems with alcohol

This was the heavy joke that Carlos Bonavides made

It all started in a SnSerio dynamic, where the guests had to answer some questions correctly. If they missed, they would receive touches. Carlos Bonavides was wrong. He put his hands on the devices to receive touches. He began to complain, he put his right hand on his chest on the left side – as if he were having a heart attack – and without further ado he vanished.


This happened to Carlos Bonavides in the middle of a live bunt game | #SNserious

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As expected, the hosts of the program immediately reacted. They sent to court and asked for help with doctors:

“Carlos, are you okay?”; “Really”; “Tell me it’s a joke”; “Carlos, listen to me”; “I do get scared”; “It’s a joke”; “Let’s go for a little break”; “Send a paramedic”; “The medical service can come, please, please”, were some of the reactions of the presenters and assistants of the program.

However, it all turned out to be a joke that the actor wanted to make to the presenters of snserious. This is how the famous surprised them:


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