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Carlos Bonavides returns to work two days after being discharged: “the only excuse to be absent is death”

Carlos Bonavides He was released over the weekend after he was hospitalized in an emergency in Mexico City due to a bacteria in the stomach and severe dehydration. Two days after leaving the hospital, the Mexican actor returned to work and resumed his place in a theater project.

the protagonist of the jackpot reappeared on the stage of the Cultural Center I with the staging Laughter with cause. The famous said he was grateful to be part of the show, which aims to raise funds for the Actor’s House.

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For me it is an honor to be able to participate and especially for what it is about, the Actor’s House because it is for the elderly. I’m not laughing because I’ve already passed the eighth floor too, but it’s an honor. I am very happy, a wonderful audience, “said Carlos Bonavides, who showed a great sense of humor after the health crisis he faced.

He mentioned that before confirming his participation in the show, he contacted his doctor to express his wishes to return to work and have an expert opinion.

“I asked the doctor if I could come, I had high blood pressure, they regularized it, the doctor told me: ‘go, it’s better that you go to stay in bed’, and I’ve always thought that the only excuse to miss a stage is death“.

The 81-year-old actor said he remembers very little of the time he spent in the hospital. Although he has been hospitalized on other occasions, he assured that for the first time he thought that he would not come out alive.

“I was scared. They have operated on me four times, and now I was scared because I had a very ugly dehydration due to a bug, I don’t know what. I fainted, a very strange thing happened to me when I fainted I felt a sensation like going to back, I was lying down. So I said: ‘no, well’… I entrusted myself to God, I said: ‘if this is my end, that’s how you want it’, but since it wasn’t my end and I’ve been an actor all my life, here I am on stage and I was very successful“, he indicated.

Carlos Bonavides reveals that he will undergo surgery

He pointed out that the doctor who treated him recommended that he not perform activities that involve greater effort than he is used to. He also commented that his wife has been his main support to follow the medical treatment to the letter.

“Fortunately I have my wife, Yodi (Marcos), who is religiously with the schedule. She took my blood pressure, controlled me and everything, and we came very carefully and she always told me: ‘don’t exaggerate’, but one already steps on the stage and the stage heals. It’s the best medicine.”

Finally, the actor clarified that he will undergo surgery: “Me they have to operate on the diverticula and the hernia, but first they have to control this thing that I have and that is why I have to have a treatment that I am going to follow for about a month and a half”.


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