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Carlos Bonavides: In which soap opera did you play ‘Huicho Domínguez’?

The 81-year-old actor Carlos Bonavides has been a trend in recent hours due to his sudden hospitalizationconsequence of bacteria not yet identified.

Carlos He has an extensive career in theater, film and television.being one of his most remembered and loved characters ‘Huicho Domínguez’protagonist of the 1995 soap opera ‘The jackpot’.

Carlos Bonavides in the ‘Higher Prize’

The history of television production revolves around Huicho Domínguez, a somewhat uneducated, macho and womanizing lower-class worker that after unexpectedly, but much desired, winning the jackpot of the National Lottery, he loses his mind.

After the stroke of luck, acquires a mansion full of luxuries and extravagance. Also, this leads him to be even more flirtatious with womenwhom he conquers with his pleasant way of being, even managing to get involved with Karla Gretta Reyes Renata, a young blonde, slim, beautiful, aristocratic but classist; the role was played by actress Monica Dosseti.

One of the characteristics for which the public remembers Huicho is his way of dressing, since the endearing character always used rings on each of his fingers, in addition to slaves and medallions quite striking both for its brightness and its size.


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