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Carlos Bonavides: how the character of Huicho Domínguez led him to fame and excesses

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Crlos Bonavides, better known as Huicho Domínguez, fell into the world of drugs due to the character’s fame (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

the mexican actor Carlos Bonavides got the role of Huicho Dominguez in the soap opera nineties the jackpota character that catapulted him to fame but also led him to sink into excesses.

The novel was a melodrama with humorous touches and he played the character of an eccentric millionaire, which was a turning point for the actor to have very dark experiences in his life.

And it is definitely Huicho Dominguez It was an interpretation very loved by Mexicans due to its fun personality.

The story of how Bonavides came to get the leading role may not be known by many, but he had the role in a very organic way and in fact, his character was going to die in the first chapters.

(Photo: Cuartoscuro)
(Photo: Cuartoscuro)

For his part, the producer Emilio Larrosa he realized Carlos’ potential and liked his performance so much that he decided to take the whole story.

Fame in that soap opera made him get several projects and the weight he carried on his shoulders was so heavy that he confessed to going to Garibaldi to drink nonstop.

I was going dressed as Huicho Domínguez to Garibaldi to drink from table to table. I made a lot of money, I bought a house in Cancun, two jet skis, a small yacht. I spent everything, ”she said in a broadcast of the program Today.

In an interview with Talina Fernández, he confirmed that he was involved in the world of drugslike heroin and cocaine because he couldn’t bear the weight of fame.

Carlos Bonavides, an actor much loved by Mexican viewers (Photo: Twitter/@Soy_502)
Carlos Bonavides, an actor much loved by Mexican viewers (Photo: Twitter/@Soy_502)

When I became famous as Huicho, that brick drove me crazyit transformed me (…) I suffered a lot, but fortunately I found love and I realized the love that my mother had always given me, “he told the program the sun rises.

One of the strongest moments that the actor had to live was when his son Tadeo was born, who is now 12 years old, because his wife tried to make him reconsider his excesses.

“Where I have cried the most is when my son was born. When he was going to be born, my wife told me: ‘What are we going to do? Are we going to beg, walk in the street or are you going to get up like a man?’”.

After that excessive fame and so much love from the public that he did not know how to handle, he said that he entered a stage where he had already tried everything, such as opium, stone and marijuana.

“I even tried everything I think, what they gave me, heroin, cocaine. On some occasion I smoked opium, stone, marijuana, whatever they gave me. I ended up drinking 96 alcohol and lotions”, declared for Image in 2019.

Carlos Bonavides lost a kidney as a result of alcoholism (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Carlos Bonavides lost a kidney as a result of alcoholism (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

His excesses also brought him other types of consequences, such as losing jobs and friendships, but the most unfortunate thing has been the health problems that this lifestyle brought him.

Due to his alcoholism problems, in 2018 he was diagnosed with kidney cancer and they had to remove the organ through an operation.

Also, that led him to have delusions, such as an occasion in which he thought he was in a luxury hotel, with a bed full of money and in reality he was in a room in the Guerrero neighborhood, an anecdote he told in the podcast of Gusgri.

Currently, the actor is hospitalized and under observation due to a bacterium, in addition to having only one kidney, his health condition could be complicated. Charles’s wife jordi marcospointed out that the man arrived with a picture of dehydration, however, he has the necessary medical attention.


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