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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Carlos Bonavides collapses in the middle of the live program (VIDEO)

  • The entire ‘show’ was recorded on video
  • He touched his chest and collapsed on the show
  • Drivers were terrified

Once again, the famous Mexican actor Carlos Bonavides worried millions when he collapsed in the middle of the live program after suffering an “electric shock”, the hosts of the show were terrified to see the comedian on the ground.

This Thursday, September 1, the actor from the telenovela “Until money separates us” participated in the SNSERIO program of Multimedios, one of the largest television stations in Mexico. “Carlos Bonavides suffers a heart attack in the dynamics of SNSerio,” assured the television station itself.

They ‘punished’ him with electric shocks in the program

They 'punished' him with electric shocks in the program

During a dynamic of questions and answers, Bonavides, 81, received an “electric shock” as punishment for not responding adequately. However, terror seized the drivers and participants of the program when the histrion collapsed on the ground.

Carlos Bonavides received the first punishment and was very “worn out” so the drivers Enrique Mayagoitia and Pedro Prieto made sure he was fine, according to The Herald of Mexico. The telenovela actor on Televisa answered yes, and the dynamic continued.

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