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Carlos Bonavides apologizes for a joke on the ‘SNSerio’ program

Carlos Bonavides he alarmed his followers with a joke he made on the show SNseriousof multimediabecause he faked a heart attack that scared drivers and went viral on social networks.

Therefore, the actor went to the program Gossip to apologize: “I apologize because I never imagined that the program would have such diffusionthat through the networks they had that diffusion, there are many people who have criticized me“.

Did Carlos Bonavides suffer a heart attack in a program? This was what actually happened | VIDEO

“People know that I’m an actor and that I made a joke. Since they make very heavy jokes, I said ‘I’m going to make a joke that nobody knows’, just a driver and me,” he added.

Regarding the reaction of his wife, Yodi Marcos, he said that “spoke and scolded them: ‘I don’t care about your show, that’s not done‘”. And he explained that “since I was in wrestling I know how to fall, so I threw myself“.

The famous also commented that his joke has had a great reaction in the media: “Right now they received me at the airport like 30 cameras, I have already done several interviews… I appreciate that thanks to them I have had a great diffusion“.

“In multimedia It is what we do, we characterize ourselves by surprising, what we do becomes news, it turns national and international. Part of the entertainment is to surprise, sometimes we cross the line a little bit, sometimes we don’t“, said Kike Mayagoitiadriver SNseriouswho linked up with the program of shows.

The heavy joke of Carlos Bonavides

The joke occurred during a dynamic of the program SNSeriously, where guests have to answer some questions correctly or get poked.

Carlos Bonavides made a mistake and put his hands on the devices to receive touches, but suddenly he began to complain, put his right hand on his chest – as if he were having a heart attack – and fainted.

The hosts of the program immediately reacted. They sent to court and asked for help from doctors: “Carlos, are you okay?”, “Don’t stain”, “Tell me it’s a joke”, “Carlos listen to me”, “I do get scared”, “Let’s have a little break” , “Send a paramedic” and “Can the medical service come, please”, were some of the reactions.


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