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Carlo Bonomi, actor who gave voice to the tender ‘Pingu’, died at the age of 85

Many remember the tender penguin, a cartoon starring a penguin that conquered the smallest of the home for several years. And something that caught the attention was his particular “voice”, which was played by Carlo Bonomi, an Italian dubbing actor who died at the age of 85.

Carlo Bonomi was in charge of giving voice to Pingu during all four seasons that had this cartoon that became popular not only because of its characters and story, but also because it was made using the stop-motion system.

The actor died in Milan, Italy, on August 6. In accordance with AFNews, Until now the cause of death of Carlo Bonomi is unknown, who was consolidated as one of the most important dubbing actors in Italy.

Your participation in Pingu

Carlo Bonomi, in addition to giving voice to Pingu was an important piece in the caricature of Franco-Swiss origin, since he was in charge of creating the language that the character spoke: pinguish.

This language consisted only of noises that didn’t make much sense, but it certainly became in something characteristic of the caricature.

Bonomi mentioned that his inspiration to create Pinguish was the Milanese dialect, as well as abstract languages ​​that he had sometimes heard from clowns in France and Italy. As if that were not enough, the actor knew the clown environment well, since at first he worked as one.

Prior to penguin, Carlo Bonomi worked for the series The line, where he played a character who used a dialect similar to that of the penguinit was there that he began to invent pinguish, but it was not until He participated with the little penguin who fully developed it.


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