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Carla Estrada says she almost went to jail for Cynthia Klitbo’s scene in ‘The Privilege of Loving’

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Carla Estrada is one of the most important and prominent producers of Televisa. Most of his telenovelas have been resoundingly successful and have won multiple awards, an example of this is The privilege of lovingwhich premiered in late 1990 and starred Adela Noriega and René Strickler, while Cynthia Klitbo Y Enrique Rocha were in charge of the antagonistic roles.

One of the most memorable scenes in the melodrama showed Cynthia Klitbo, who played Tamara de la Colina, shaving her head. However, few know that this sequence was about to land him in jail. Carla Strada.

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In a Tlnovelas broadcast, Cynthia Urias and Carla Estrada They talked about how controversial the Klitbo scene was in the 1990s. It was then that the producer recounted the difficult moment that happened while they were recording it.

“No, no, no, shut up! We almost went to jail”, said Carla Estrada, who said that for the scene the production team and the actress traveled to Italy; however, they did so without permission to record.

“That scene where we’re shooting in Europe and the Ponte Bello, which is in Florence, it’s a busy place full of jewelry stores, so there are a lot of patrols. The truth is that I was going without recording permissionPlease don’t tell anyone.”

The producer said that the patrols were constantly passing through the place, but they had already investigated the times in which they carried out the surveillance routines. Besides that they only carried a camera, so they did not attract as much attention

“We had already measured more or less what time the patrol was passing by, we said: ‘well, it’s right now,’ and wait… People didn’t even know we were filming, it could be an X camera“.

Carla Estrada He mentioned that thanks to the noise the police did not even realize what was happening, and without further obstacles they achieved their mission.

“Suddenly he starts cutting his hair, and all the people were impressed and fortunately how people got together and so on, the patrol passed by and he didn’t even notice what we were doing“.


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