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Carl Clemons-Hopkins Breakout “Hacks” on Making History with Their Name Emmy (Exclusive)

Carl Clemons-Hopkins Breakout

Whereas starring the legendary Jean Sensible as longtime comedian Deborah Vance, HBO Max’s Hacks cultivated a number of stars when it premiered in Might, together with collection common Carl Clemons-Hopkins who performs Deborah’s overly devoted COO, Marcus. Not solely did the actor, who self-identifies as non-binary and refers back to the pronouns they / them, received their first Emmy nomination for Greatest Supporting Actor in a Comedy Sequence, however in addition they scored the story within the course of.

“It hasn’t sunk one hundred percent yet,” Clemons-Hopkins instructed ET. “But what I can say is it is an incredible honor and I am very touched.” They add, particularly relating to gender and race, “I am delighted that this provokes conversations with some those who lots of the societal boundaries that we put round ourselves are actually pointless and pointless… It truly is. thrilling to be part of one thing it sparks so many new however crucial conversations.

Past that, the popularity could be very humbling for the rising star, who has beforehand appeared on tv in recurring roles on Chicago Med and Chi just a few years earlier than becoming a member of Hacks. Whereas very new to somebody like Sensible, Clemons-Hopkins has an imposing presence that exudes depth and maturity, particularly as their character grows and turns into extra layered as Season 1 unfolds. takes place.

“It’s a slow-burning journey. I think he’s someone who doesn’t have much to do in his life, so you don’t see him much at first. But as life begins to turn around he’s going through a bit of a wake-up call and needs to take a more active role in what he wants and doesn’t want, ”Clemons-Hopkins stated, including that they have been actually comfortable to have had the endurance to take this stroll with Marcus.

“I knew at the beginning that Hacks was going to enter his personal life. What I didn’t know was how or in terms of timing, ”they are saying, initially comfortable to have the job. “But it was very relieving when someone told you that they were going to do something and did it.” So when the scripts began coming in, they have been thrilled that they not solely had extra to do, however have been studying so much about their character.

In reality, in contrast to different examples of very tertiary gay assistants seen on display screen, Marcus is a “fully realized, very human, very complete individual character in addition to such an incredible, engaging and hilarious story,” notes the actor.

And within the first 10 episodes, audiences see Marcus’ world turned the wrong way up when Deborah hires a brand new writing assistant named Ava (Hannah Einbinder) and finds herself relying much less on him every day. This all of the sudden frees him from this job he has lengthy put ahead and leads him to attempt his luck by interviewing Wilson (Johnny Sibilly), a water upkeep employee in Deborah’s neighborhood.


As for Marcus’ burgeoning relationship with Wilson, there is a massive second in Episode 8 (“1.69 million”) that mixes comedy and romance in such a candy and sudden manner as the 2 learn how engaged they’re over dinner. At one level, Marcus will get as much as wash his fingers and walks over to the valet earlier than turning round and ending the meal with Wilson.

“I’m so glad he did,” Clemons-Hopkins says. However at that time, they clarify, “it’s a deeper and more complete fear of commitment”, particularly for somebody like Marcus, who will not be used to leisure time, is afraid of not being concerned. not be capable of join with Wilson at some degree. . “If you’re someone who’s comfortable with your own feelings, with this time spent with yourself and your truth, then it’s easier to take the leap. But for Marcus, it was totally unexpected.

Ultimately, the biggest obstacle in their relationship is Marcus’ inability to confront Deborah about her work-life balance. In the finale, Marcus finally finds the courage to demand from her what he wants and what he needs professionally, but before he does, she offers him a job as CEO in his company.

“He was risking his working relationship with being able to tell Deborah how he felt and having that immediately against a career promotion, he immediately ran to the shelter he needed,” Clemons-Hopkins said, adding that the moment says a lot about Marcus. . “He prioritizes work above himself. And the consequence of that may be to lose Wilson for good.

“I don’t know how it’s going to play out,” the actor says of the Season 2 sequel. “To me that is how he will get off the sofa. We left him bloated and the heartbroken on the sofa, comforted by his mom, and in some unspecified time in the future he has to rise up.


Because the actor waits to study extra about what to anticipate from Marcus when the collection returns to HBO Max, Clemons-Hopkins can subsequent be seen as Jameson in Sweet, Jordan Peele’s sequel to the 1992 horror movie of the identical title, which tells the story of a vengeful spirit who kills anybody who summons him by saying his title 5 occasions in entrance of a mirror.

Filmed in Chicago earlier than the pandemic, Clemons-Hopkins describes the shoot as an “incredible” expertise. “I can play this character, who, as far as I’m concerned, is a non-binary artist. And they’re a protagonist, which makes me happy, ”they are saying. “And the funny thing is, this was my first foray into a liberating character. Like, ‘I know I can make this mine. I could be awkward and weird.

Not only was it a satisfying experience, but it’s another example besides Marcus of the different types of characters they hope they can portray on screen. “I am very excited about the prospect of continuing to expand the possibility and range of storytelling. I’m excited to move forward and I’m excited to break away from archetypes and stereotypes and really try to have fun, ”Clemons-Hopkins stated. And with their Emmy nomination, “I hope that may assist me uncover very completely different characters, very invisible characters. I’m delighted that that is hopefully a great tool within the journey of what I wish to do. “

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