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Cardi B defends Lizzo after she bursts into tears over hatred: “Body shame” is “mean”

Cardi B defends Lizzo after she bursts into tears over hatred:

After a tearful Lizzo stated she was “so badly hurt” by “racist” and “fatphobic” feedback on her “Rumors” video, Cardi B intervened and advised the trolls to sit down down and to close up.

“When you defend yourself, they claim your problem [and] sensitive. When you don’t they tear you apart until you cry like that, ” Cardi B tweeted on Sunday (Aug 15) sharing an excerpt from a latest Lizzo Instagram Stay session the place the “Good As Hell” singer broke down after all of the hate she acquired following the discharge of her new single “Rumors”. Cardi, 28, defended Lizzo, 33, from enemies, saying, “That you’re skinny, tall, [or] plastic, they are going to at all times attempt to put their insecurities on you. Bear in mind, these are nerds watching the favored desk.

“‘Rumors’ is doing very well”, Cardi added. “Stop trying to say the song falls apart to fire a woman[sic] emotions about bullying or acting like they need sympathy. The song is in the top 10 on all platforms. Shaming the body and calling your mom is mean [and] racist like f-ck. When someone apparently disagreed with Cardi’s point of view in a now-deleted Tweet, the “Up” rapper clapped. “However the track works nice !! On all platforms. When folks name you ‘mother’ you’re (sic) a black lady doing pop music and 1000’s of individuals name you by names it occurs to you . “Cardi pointed out that the user’s bio” says “all black,” I assume that does not apply to the feelings of black girls, does it? “

Cardi B Defends Lizzo After She Bursts Into Tears Over Hatred: &Quot;Body Shame&Quot; Is &Quot;Mean&Quot; - Light Home News

Lizzo spoke concerning the feedback throughout an IG Stay session this weekend. “The days when I think I should be the happiest… I feel so depressed,” she stated as she sat in her toilet, dabbing the tears in her eyes. “Like, it hurts so bad.” Though Lizzo does not wish to learn the messages, she stated folks have been “saying bullshit about me that does not even make sense. It is fat-phobic, and it is racist, and it is hurtful. For those who do not like my music, cool. For those who do not like “Rumors” the track, cool. However lots of people do not like me due to my appears to be like? And am I like?

“Sometimes I feel like the world doesn’t love me back,” she stated, wiping away her tears. “It is like irrespective of how a lot constructive vitality you place out into the world, you are at all times going to have individuals who have one thing unhealthy to say about you. And for probably the most half, it does not harm me – I do not care. I simply assume after I work this difficult my tolerance goes down. My endurance is much less. I’m extra delicate. And it occurs to me. “

Cardi B Defends Lizzo After She Bursts Into Tears Over Hatred: &Quot;Body Shame&Quot; Is &Quot;Mean&Quot; - Light Home News
Cardi B defended Lizzo towards haters “racists” and “fatphobes”. (Alex Pesantes / imageSPACE / JM Enternational / Shutterstock)

Throughout the practically 13 minute session, Lizzo berated folks “who always have something negative to say about me, which has nothing to do with the music, or the content of my character, or me in as an artist, and has everything to do with my body or whatever trope you think I’m falling into, “and that they would be the ones to” catch up “for the enjoyment she brings. She additionally stated that she would solely give attention to constructive feedback as a result of she does not have time for the “negativity, your internalized self-hatred that you protect against me with your racism and your fat phobia. I don’t have time for that.”

Lizzo gave “Rumors” collaborator love throughout her IG Stay periods, claiming that Cardi “worked her fucking ass onAnd that Atlantic Records and the Lizzo team “went onerous” with this new song. But, the comments “racist, fatphobic and hurtful” penetrated his pores and skin.

“I think I’m just overwhelmed,” she added. “I think I’ve been in shock since the song came out, and I’ve been like ‘Tequila! Come! And work! ”I could not actually sit down and simply congratulate myself. Like, I did. I dropped a track. I stated all the pieces I wished to say. the music I like is necessary to me, and I make music that I hope will assist folks. Full cease. I do not make music for white folks. I do not make music for no person. I am a black lady who makes music. I make black music. Full cease. I do not serve anybody alone. Everybody’s invited to a Lizzo present, to a Lizzo track. good vitality Everyone seems to be invited.

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